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Buy Fentanyl Pills Online

Buy Fentanyl Pills Online, Websites based in China are selling the dangerous opioid fentanyl, which can be 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine, and drugs used for euthanasia programmes in the Netherlands and executions in US states such as Texas.

Analysis passed to the Guardian by a project funded by Innovate UK examined one of China’s largest e-commerce websites, It hosts sellers that offer to ship synthetic opioid drugs to the UK.

The number of deaths in England and Wales caused by the synthetic opioid fentanyl rose by 29% in 2017, according to Office for National Statistics figures.

Buy Fentanyl Pills Online

Those who analysed the website were able to find sellers willing to ship fentanyl and other substances. The drug appeared frequently on the website over the period analysed and, as well as fentanyl, Weiku also hosted people selling bromadol, which is estimated to be five times the strength of fentanyl. One seller of this drug on the website produced a US certificate for a dog examination in lieu of a business licence.

Sellers on the site also advertised pentobarbital, a short-acting barbiturate that can cause death when used in high doses. It is used in euthanasia programmes in the Netherlands and executions in US states such as Texas. One seller promoted the product as “peaceful death”.


Weiku is based in the eastern city of Hangzhou. When approached by the Guardian, the company said that it regularly checked for sellers of illegal drugs such as fentanyl, and deleted those accounts.

A representative admitted, however, that searches for fentanyl could return results. “It does happen that sellers and buyer create new ways to make deals on our site, but Weiku is not able to discover this right away.” The firm said it did weekly inspections. “As an information platform, Weiku needs to make sure all information is legal, but we are not accountable for the transactions,” it said.

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